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All about Bee and Much Love Wallpaper!

Fanarts of Bee and Family

Taisho Extended Family by NattiKayY+L Chapter 7 : Taisho Pots and Pans Band by Tsuna-Draken100 Theme Challenge: 99. Friendship by spaceCanine
Cootie Central by NattiKayTaisho Family - Jak 1-3 Cosplay by Tsuna-DrakenTaisho Extended Family Lineless by NattiKay
Inuyasha::Sleeping Siblings by Tsuna-Draken2011 Happy Birthday TaishoBee by Tsuna-Drakent a i s h o by NattiKay
Art Trade: Bee by NattiKayTea Party! by cassielee43Christmas 2013 by Tsuna-Draken
Books and Dogs by NattiKayMy History with dA by ska-chan-punk-sanBee-Puppy  by awkwaard by TaishoBee
Trade: Babysitter Kuroba by NattiKayDemon Duo by Disdainful-LoniBaby Bumble Bee by NattiKay
Queen Bee by NattiKayTashibobee by SH178{ ~ Commission TaishoBee ~ } by MoggyWolf

Secret Santa 2015 Wishlist - Refs Updated

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 7:18 PM


Haven't done one of these in a few years! Here is my wish list for Secret Centi Clause!


 :bulletred: Info  :bulletred: 
What the heck is Poser?! Look here!

What I'd love to see:

Proper attention to details. PLEASE use the references!! I don't want to have important things missing, such as Bee's rosary or her Kimono crossed incorrectly. Bee never wears skirts/dresses in my storyline. Modern clothes are 100% okay and I have many examples for you to pick from! Bee is always with someone, usually Sesshoumaru.

Refs: The bio link has tons and tons of information, as well as pictures, reference sheets and stuff as to who is who, ect.

:star: Taisho Bee's Detailed Bio :star:
:star: More Here :star:

Doggie Siblings by NattiKay
Sobakasu, Poet and MInori

CO:: It's a Fox, not an Alcoholic Drink by spaceCanineCO:: Chibi Daiquiri by spaceCanine
Daiquiri, age 8, fox
Sorry not much info yet! Shy and sweet personality.

CK and Tsuki Taisho
Inuyasha and Kiratsu's twins, age 1-2 years

Top images are their 'default' outfits.
This is for the colors of their eyes and hair.
The second photo is their 'modern' clothes.
The others are my 3D renditions.

Tsuki Elizabeth by TaishoBeeCK Charles Kisakata by TaishoBee

Color Ref :: Taisho Twins by TaishoBee.:C: Tsuki and Charlie:. by Patsuko
Poser :: Teru Teru by TaishoBeePoser :: C.K and Tsuki Taisho by TaishoBee

Trade: Babysitter Kuroba by NattiKay

Bee and her family - Bee is my heart and soul, my baby. My 6 year old and her family are the most important characters I have. They extend to my wife's OCs, as we created the families together.

A huge group picture of the Taisho and Osmund families together.
Bee with her dog, Kuroba or even riding her horse, Yuki.
Inuyasha and Kiratsu's twins, C.K and Tsuki - They are usually drawn around 1-2 years old but no older.
Another idea is a modern-ish picture of Bee, Poet, Minori, Sobakasu, Daiquiri, riding bikes/scooters/big wheels/tricycles. If you want to include the baby twins, you'd have to include a parent.

As an ending note, Bee loves Toothless and has a plushie of him. <3


Alex, Abby and Murdock and Face // Whole Team // Maggie

Important details: Both girls are 6 years old. Alex wears military dog tags and always has a pet rat on her shoulder. Abby wears one of her mama's old field jackets and carries a doll.

Okay these two are twins, they are my A-Team OCs. I'm not sure how many of you have ever seen the original 1980's TV Show, but that is what they are based on, NOT the movie from a few years ago.

They are identical twins with totally different personalities and lives. Alex is a tomboy who lives on a farm with the guys, and Abby grew up in Bad Rock with Maggie Sullivan and she is a total girly girl. More in the refs/bios below!

I'd REALLY love a family photo of the girls with everyone, but a group picture isn't necessary! There are no gay relationships in this story, fyi.

Simple things like the girls interacting or playing on a trampoline would be cute too. Alex is into martial arts big time so maybe she'd be trying to get her timid but adorable and loved sister to join in? :D

Alex loves to get dirty and wears overalls, she likes to charge around the little town she lives in with her wagon tied to her bike. You never know what the kid will be up to. Lovs to climb trees and leap off high places to give her daddy a heart attack, but hey, what kid her age wouldn't? Alex is very close to her pet rat, Pranx. She carries a small medical kit with her and was even taught how to do CPR on him by her vet. All attempts to mess with Pranx will result in an ER visit via Alex's fists or possibly a kick to the shin or crotch.

Abby wants to be a nurse when she grows up, she is kind and quiet. Abby doesn't understand Alex's absolute HATRED for dresses, pink and frills, though she's not afraid to admit that it's hard to be a nurse when you have to make sure no one can see your underpants when you bend over.

Alex only recently learned of her sister and had no idea about her beforehand, no one, in Alex's family knew. It's just one of those secrets that gave the story the title 'Deception'.



Abby Marie Sullivan :: Bio by TaishoBeeAlex Elizabeth Peck :: Bio by TaishoBee
Abrielle 'Abby' Marie Sullivan by Tsuna-DrakenAlexandria 'Alex' Elizabeth Peck by Tsuna-Draken

:star: More Here :star:
:star: My 3D Versions :star:

Maggie Sullivan:

The Team. (Left to right) Face (in red), Hannibal, B.A, and in the back is Murdock.

My own, personally signed photo from Dirk "Faceman" Benedict himself! Salt Lake Comic Con :: Signed Photo by TaishoBee

The place where Abby lives is based upon the episode A Black day at Bad Rock.

The place where Alex is growing up is based upon the area and house in the episode Deadly Maneuvers, which also has Abby's home town mentioned, since Maggie comes to help Hannibal.


For those of you who draw animals instead of people.
I have the following critters. They are my OC's pets. Most of the deviations have info on who they are.

Kuroba :: Ref Sheet by SpaceCanine by TaishoBee
Bee's dog, Kuroba

Tetris Ref by Pure-Escapism
Tetris, Twilight OC

Tetris is a ware-cat who in normal form, stands on all fours almost 6 feet tall, He resembles a maine coon.

.: Bee + Yuki :. by TaishoBee
Bee and her horse, Yuki
Yuki has blue eyes.

Also feel free to draw Bee in her puppy form!


:heart: :icontaishobee::icontsuna-draken: :heart:
HatersGonnaHate-SpaceK9-Trans by TaishoBee


.: Commission Info :.


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